Korea Pear, Quince, Bellflower Extract Stick (10g X 30 Stick pouches)
Korean Pear, Quince, Bellflower Extract Stick Pouches - A healthy habit that will protect your throat as well as your body. 10g X 30 Stick PouchesBrand: SamSiDae Proudly Grown in Korea Korean Pear Contains a large number of antioxidants flavonoids...
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Collagen Extract Stick
-About the product- What is so special about the Terrapick Collagen Extract Stick. ✔️Quick absorption with low molecular weight fish collagen✔️Spain pomegranate concentrate ✔️Easy to consume liquid sachet✔️Contains hyaluronic acid and vitamin C✔️Once a day, take 1 sachet✔️Only 5 ingredients What is...
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Bellflower Extract
About the Product For optimal bronchial health, try Korean bellflower extract By carefully selecting only the highest quality Korean bellflower, our product contains original and unadulterated active ingredients of the bellflower. It contains Korean Bellflower, Pear, Jujube, Quince, and Ginger.Bellflower,...
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