Everyone who is even slightly health-conscious would know some medicinal effects of Korean ginseng. Anti-cancer, improvement of blood flow, strengthening of immunity, anti-diabetic function, treatment of menopausal disorders, improvement of fatigue and stress resistance, enhancement of stamina and skin beauty, relief from hangover, prevention of motion sickness, and improvement of the cerebral function to name a few.

These efficacies of ginseng are not only mentioned in the ancient books on Oriental medicine but also proven by modern science through various clinical trials over the years. To date, more than 6,000 papers on the efficacy of ginseng have been published.

Korean ginseng is superior to foreign ginseng in terms of saponin efficacy. The ginseng saponin efficacies include the depression of the central nervous systems excitement, facilitation of protein synthesis, facilitation of the secretion of adrenocortical hormones, a similar insulin function, detoxification, anti-inflammation, and inhibition of platelet coagulation.
Red ginseng is fresh ginseng processed by steaming using vapor or other methods, and then drying. Red ginseng is classified into cheonsam (heavenly ginseng), jisam (terrestrial ginseng), and yangsam (brewed ginseng) according to its appearance or inner state. In the process of steaming, its ingredients change, with the types and amount of saponin increasing the most among the ingredients.
Black Ginseng is a careful process which makes White Ginseng becomes darker. Black ginseng is made of "goo-jeung-goo-po" process which means steaming and drying nine times. While being steamed and dried repeatedly, the white color of the ginseng gradually becomes black, to form the black ginseng. By becoming Black Ginseng, number of polyphenols with antioxydative and ginsenoside properties strength improves in comparison to White Ginseng and Red Ginseng.
Geumsan is the origin of Goryeo panax ginseng with a 1,500 year history. Over 3,000 mountains, clean water from the uppermost stream of the Geumgang River, fertile rich in germanium, and the mountainous topography provides the optimal environment for growing ginseng, thus making it possible to grow ginseng of the highest quality.
Korean ginseng makes children smart and elderly people bright. According to China's ancient premier book on medications, "The Classic of Herbal Medicine by Shennong", ginseng calms peoples minds, opens their hearts, and makes them wiser. On the other hand, according to Donguibogam (Exemplars of Korean Medicine), ginseng controls peoples minds/spirits/nerves, opens their hearts, and boosts their memory. The recently compiled Korean Herbal-Medicine Encyclopedia says that ginseng revitalizes the brains activities and mental functions, and sharpens the eyesight, hearing, thinking, memory, and concentration. These claims of traditional Oriental medicine are being proven by modern science one after another. Specifically, ginseng improves the cholinergic system, which is related to learning and memory, as well as the metabolic functions of the brain, enhances the function of learning, improves recessed memory, and promotes the differentiation of cultured nerve cells and growth, thereby reviving the cerebral cells. This fact was proven through clinical studies conducted by a number of scientists.
Ginseng offers diverse medicinal efficacies, such as anti-cancer action, immunity enhancement, and recovery from fatigue. It is also a good ingredient for cooking diverse foods. It can be combined with boiled rice and other Western dishes to make excellent fusion foods appealing to the tastes of people around the world. Ginseng can also be used to cook nutritious snacks for health-conscious people as well as healthy foods for elderly people.
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