Korean Red Ginseng Tea Puffed 20g
Korean Red Ginseng Tea Puffed 20g (2g X 10 bags)Brand: GeumHong  About the Product:✔ No Additives or Preservatives : Real 100% Korean Red Ginseng chopped. Descriptions:Net Weight : 2g x 10 bags (20g)Ingredients & Contents : Korean Red Ginseng chopped 100%Suggested Use : It...
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Korean Black Ginseng Puffed Tea 100%
Korean Black Ginseng Tea 20g (2g X 10 bags)Brand: GeumHeuk About the Product:✔ 100% Korean Black Ginseng TEA : Select high quality Korean Black ginseng and chopped into pieces.  Chopped Black Ginseng were put into high quality tea bag to provide premium black ginseng tea bag. ✔ Black...
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