The Superior product from Natural Nutrients “Korean Black Ginseng Tonic”

The Superior product from Natural Nutrients “Korean Black Ginseng Tonic”

Korean black ginseng is considerably used as a tonic for maintaining good stamina and overall body performance. It is a very old trick of Koreans that was used for thousands of years, that Korean medicinal herbs especially suggest it for multiple illnesses, weakness, or aged persons. Korean black ginseng tonic has long been declared to have excellent potency, anti-senility, and foraged peoples for improvement in memory and brain functions.

Preparations Process:

There are many more food said to be good for our health, but the researcher still believed that Korean black ginseng is cultivated and grown in Korea Geumheuk is the best.

GeumHeuk reconceptualizes the traditional Korean black ginseng taste and flavor with a modern twist while drinking the healthy energy of Korean Ginseng deliciously.

Geumsan City, Chongcheonam Province, South Korea (which is known as the homeland of most superior Black ginseng) produces black ginseng, that comes after 9 steps of purification and drying at low temperatures during the process of steaming and drying, ginsenosides contents (active ingredients) increases as ginseng turn to dark ginseng (black ginseng). It will be bringing out into black ginseng stick water - the most preferable modification from black ginseng.

Black GINSENG STICK (SAPONIN ≥ 10mg/100ml) ginseng extract (solids > 1%) 63%, concentrated dark ginseng water (pink ginseng ingredients over 80mg/g, solids over 60% ) 10%, extract of ginseng mixture (100% ginseng extract jujube extract, vitamin C, cornus fruit, citric acid ) 10%, Indigestible maltodextrin, mixing ratio: 100% ginseng (70% ginseng, 30% root ginseng).

Why We Choose Black Ginseng

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Black Ginseng is a salubrious tonic that balances the body's processes towards dynamic equilibrium as a physical stress resistance that may be taken in very large doses with negligible toxicity, with upwards of six grams taken daily, that protects the body from toxins and the emotions and mind from the negative effect of fatigue and stress.

Black Ginseng has been studied and analyzed to have over 100 nutritional biochemical constituents that have a wide range of benefits on many systems in the body: the nervous system, cardiovascular, endocrine, immune while modifying metabolism to stress levels for longevity because of its high absorption rate as compared to white and red ginseng that's why the body will absorb much more ginsenoside contents.

It escalates the energy of the body on multiple levels so that body will become more Capable to take on the challenges of daily living with goals, drive, and passion.

Black Ginseng can help to energize mental and physical activity in people who feel weak and tired. There are many pieces of researches, that black ginseng showed good results in helping of treatment of cancer patients.

However, it can decrease blood pressure effect in persons with the highest blood pressure, an increase in blood flow has been noted with black ginseng supplementation, and a decrease in fasting blood glucose has been noted over time with standard supplemental doses of black ginseng in diabetics.

Benefits at glance:

  • Increases capability of cells.
  • Provides prevention from cancer.
  • Reduces risk for heart attack.
  • Regulates blood flow and maintain the glucose level in the human body.
  • Enhances the memory and helps in getting calm.
  • Best for Immune System.
  • Good for women in maintaining skin beauty.


Its very simple is that just dissolve one measuring cup or more to taste in one cup of water (not hot or cold). The sweetener may be added if desired. Drink 2-3 pouches a day for effective results, don't drink without consultation with a physician if you are allergic.
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