• What is Ginseng? Red Ginseng?

    What is Ginseng? Red Ginseng?
    “Ginseng” is categorically divided into eleven diverse assortments of a brief, gradually-growth plant with lumpy roots. “Ginseng” is adopted to reunite and maximize prosperity. It is one of the foremost cultivated homegrown medicinal solutions. The herb consists of a light-colored, pointed -shape root, a generally long sized, and green leaves with an elliptical shape. In the genus Panax “Ginseng” is the root of plants....
  • Ginseng Extract - How to use

    Ginseng Extract - How to use
    Black Ginseng Extract Ginseng is an awesome herb because of its health benefits properties, it has been used for overall health improvements, but in the kinds of Ginseng, the most famous and powerful medicinal supplement is Panax Ginseng that is also called Asian or Korean Black Ginseng. Korean Black Ginseng is getting more dynamic than its American version because of its pharmacologically active components....
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