Root Terra Introduces Korean Cabbage Juice with Manuka Honey

Root Terra Introduces Korean Cabbage Juice with Manuka Honey

Root Terra introduces a new product, the Korean cabbage juice. The  cabbage juice is a naturally sweetened juice made with 96.8% cabbage extract, 3% honey, and 0.2% manuka honey. Cabbage is naturally full of healthy minerals and vitamins therefore this cabbage juice is packed with nutrients like iron and calcium as well as Vitamins A, B, C, K, and U for daily supplement of energy. It can also be taken straight up without the nasty aftertaste most regular cabbage juice gives.

Root Terra cabbage juice is made with 100% natural ingredients which makes it the best for an all-natural energy boost. The juice can be mixed with other fruit juices to increase the nutritional value. Fruits like apple, carrot, pineapple, broccoli, beets, and more can be paired with this cabbage juice to make it a nutritional powerhouse.

With only 20 calories per pack, this green cabbage juice is a great fat-free daily supplement that can be taken any day.

For convenience, Root Terra cabbage juice has been packed in spill-proof 90ml pouches which allows for it to be taken just anywhere. Enclosed in a 30-day set, the juice is contained in individual pouches that won’t accidentally rip in the bag. It is also great for post-workouts and can be reached anytime a boost of energy is needed.

Root Terra can be taken straight from the pouch or it can be warmed a little bit depending on preference. Either way, customers will enjoy the naturally sweet taste of this cabbage extract.

This cabbage Juice is 100% percent non-pesticide health-boosting juice that is a guarantee for good health and fitness.

“Not Your Regular Cabbage Juice: Most cabbage extracts taste like sauerkraut juices, which doesn’t sound too yummy! Our cabbage juice is naturally sweetened with regular and manuka honey. You can drink it straight up without the nasty aftertaste” says a Spokesperson from Root Terra. “I got used to the taste and I enjoy it every morning instead of coffee. Calms my stomach and after 2 weeks got rid of my ulcer! I won’t go without it. Thank you!” – Valerie Moore

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