Black Ginseng’s Origin and Purpose to the Body

When it comes to ginseng, there are so many of them, and yet, they all have similarities and differences. However, if you wanna try Black Ginseng, understand its origins and mystery that not even the average ginseng customer would know.

Black Ginseng comes from Geumsan, South Korea. The ideal climate and conditions of cultivation benefits the roots of this particular ginseng. In addition, the crop quality of Black Ginseng makes it one of the best rates of ginsenosides from Korea. (Ginsenoside is a natural substance contained in Araliaceae plants such as ginseng.)

9 times steaming and drying

There is a careful process in making Black Ginseng. It takes nine times of steaming and drying the premium grade roots to make the authentic Black Ginseng. When the process is done, the root looks almost like a charcoal twig. But if you understand what it had to come through, you won't mind the look at all.

What makes it special for the Black Ginseng is its higher potency in comparison to the regular white or red ginseng. It also effects on various health issues such as stress, cardiovascular, tumors, etc. It could take your brain power to the next level and yet, there are other benefits that truly help your needs according to the research.

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