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MaxClinic Rose NEW DESIGN Vitamin Brighten Oil Foam

✔ CLEANSING STRENGTH - Contains natural cleansing ingredients for a thorough cleansing even with just a small amount.

✔ BRIGHTENING - Vitamin capsules with 12 types of vitamins fortified 300 times promotes brightening skin care.

✔ GLOW/MOISTURE - Moisturize and Brighten with Damask rose oil and Nordic berry!

✔ OIL TO FOAM - Solve your troubles of double cleansing with this new formula! Inconvenient double/triple cleansing in just on step! Cleansing + Cleansing Foam + Peeling Gel.

✔ 13 MAX CLINICAL TEST! - Deep Cleansing Effect, Brightening Effect, Pore Care, 1st Irritation Test.

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