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[Karatica] The Purple DNA Cycle Essence (30ml)-Beauty

About the Product: 
  • It is a essence essential for people with oily skin that contain sebaceous glands that help secrete sebum and help repair pores.
  • Sensitive Skin Optimization
  • Pore Convergence Excessive sebum control Water filling
  • Phytosqualance, Niacinamide

[How to use]

  • Problems with pre-menstrual problems
  • Wider pores and more keratinous skin
  • If you want to avoid irritating products with sensitive skin
  • Starts purple cycle DNA essence in skin smooth and comfortableAs the estrogen increases before the magic day begins, the secretion of sebum becomes vigorous and the pores become wider.
  • Refreshing Purple Essence More Purple Cycle Let Essence IV slowly change your sensibility and skin.

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