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[Karatica] Pearl ReWhite Transfusion DNA Kit-Beauty (Expire in 08.2019)

About the Product: 
  • Whitening & skin ampoule
  • Brightening
  • 22ml
  • Contains Neurolight 61G from CODIF, France -Niacinamide

Why KARATICA Pearl Ampoule?

  • Whitening care that brightens from deep inside the skin.
  • Fundamental brightening solution for darkened skin tone and dark spots.
  • 5 botanical brightening ingredients + 7 moisturizing ingredients.

[How to Use]

  1. Open the lid of the vial following.
  2. Carefully remove aluminum seal.
  3. I remove the protective gray cap.
  4. Insert the soft applicator to the vial.
  5. Squeeze the soft applicator, then drop the formula to face.

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