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[GeumHeuk] GS-E3D Hydrogen Atopic Dermatitis Soap

About the Product:
✔ GS-E3D
: a patented composition containing Ginsenoside Rd (is a human metabolite of active ingredients contained in ginseng and relieves skin inflammation caused by Atopy Dermatitis.)

✔ Coconut Oil Powder : have low skin irritation and increase the moisture of skin.

✔ Grape Seed Oil : contains linolenic acid, tocopherol, and beta cystosterol, which is effective for skin care and anti-aging.

✔ Avocado Oil : contains oleic acid to improve skin elasticity.

✔ Apricot Seed Oil : contains essential fatty acids and vitamin A to remove keratin and relieve redness.

✔ Effect : Atopic Dermatitis Soap, Anti-Aging, Improve Skin Elasticity, Remove Keratin, Skin Whitening, Increase the Moisture of Skin 

Size : 100g
Suggested Use : Work the soap into a lather then apply to skin and massage. Rinse well.
Natural soap base, coconut oil powder, silver, grape seed oil, plum seed oil, avocado oil, apricot seed oil, castor seed oil, glycerin, licorice root, bamboo salt, shrubby sophora root, white lotus, yellow lotus, lance asiabell, mung beans, hydrogen, GE-E3D

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