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Design Nongboo Co., Ltd. is a place that produces, distributes, markets, and sells the healthiest and most delicious agricultural products grown in our land. It is a company that takes the lead in agricultural added value and consumption of domestic agricultural products by using only domestic agricultural products.

*Various effects of black beans*

Isoflavones good for middle-aged women Isoflavones, a plant female hormone, act similar to estrogen, a female hormone in our body, and are good ingredients for the health of postmenopausal women. Compared to general yellow beans, black beans do not contain a lot of isoflavones, but when absorbed into the body, they are more than four times stronger. In addition, the risk of side effects such as breast cancer that can be caused by artificial estrogen is low, so it is good for preventing menopause syndrome and osteoporosis. The reason black soybeans exert a strong anticancer effect is in isoflavones. Glycitaine, a type of isoflavone, is one of the anti-cancer substances and is not found in the skin of yellow beans, but only in the skin of black beans, 500 ug/g is detected.

Black beans effective for gray hair and hair loss In oriental medicine, if the liver and kidneys are weak and blood circulation is poor, hair health is considered bad. Black beans strengthen the kidneys and are good for detoxification, which is also beneficial for liver health. It quickly restores damaged human tissues, and vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids expand blood vessels to help smooth peripheral blood circulation. Nutrients that did not reach the scalp are delivered properly when black beans are consumed, preventing hair loss and gray hair.

Lecithin activates brain function Lecithin, which is abundant in black beans as well as general beans, is especially good for examinees and the elderly. As a representative brain active substance, it inhibits the decrease in acetylcholine, which helps to activate cerebral activity, and develops memory and learning ability. Another function of lecithin is to adsorb and excrete cholesterol or fat components in blood vessels, preventing waste products from being trapped in the blood vessels and improving blood circulation. This is why soybeans are good for preventing high blood pressure.

Cholesterol-reducing saponins¬†Saponin, famous as the main ingredient of wild ginseng, is also contained in black beans. Saponin prevents hyperlipidemia, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, and improves obesity constitution. Jung Soo-hyeon, a researcher at the Nutrition Center at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, said, ‚ÄúSaponins play a role in preventing the synthesis of harmful lipid peroxides. It prevents lipid components from accumulating in the blood vessels, which helps to maintain blood vessel health.‚ÄĚ Saponin also enhances immunity, restores vitality, and exerts anti-cancer effects. However, when saponin is consumed in large amounts, iodine is released and thyroid function is lowered.

Vitamin E for beauty There are many women who eat black beans for their skin, because beans contain as much protein as meat, and this protein becomes a material for collagen, a skin elasticity fiber. In addition, vitamin E contained in black beans is a fat-soluble vitamin and has an antioxidant effect, which is good for skin beauty and anti-aging.

How to eat

1. Prepare 200ml of water or milk.
2. Put 1 stick of black bean powder.
3. If you stir to mix well, you can meet the fragrant black bean powder.

Ingredients: Black Bean 100% Korean

Net Weight: 300g (20g X 15ea)

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Black Bean Powder
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