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Aperire Miracle Day Root Essence

Miracle Essence conveyed by the power of five roots
Texture + Tone + Lively Chore Essence

Miracle of skin that wakes up newly every day
A powerful energy storage with natural vitality. RootCureflex 81% boosts firm skin results and clear skin tone.  Boosting essence for hydration.

"The source of life, the solution of healthy youth found in the roots"

Five roots ingredients that pack into the skin firmly!
Yam- Contains a large amount of phytomucin. It contains a lot of amino acids. It catches moisture and forms a natural protective film, which helps nutrition and skin elasticity.
Lotus Root -  Improves skin elasticity and brightens skin tone.
Taro- A rich botanical mucin component that strengthens skin elasticity and skin barrier. 
Saururus Chinensis Root -  Takes the nature as it is in the clean environment of Jeju and makes shiny skin smooth and firm.

Net Weight : 130ml (4.4 fl oz)

Suggested Use: Apply to a face morning and night after applying toner.

Made in Korea

Storage: Store in a cool & dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunl

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