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Aperire Impression Lip Velvet

About Lip Velvet

The face lights up as if turning on a fluorescent light
- Liquid velvety texture that leaves only light on the intense matte finish when spreading only once

Liquid velvety texture that fits snugly
- Smooth and moist without crest.  Finishing touch of new concept of semi-matte texture that has comfortable and adhesive spreading

As if an artist spread it, pigment that lights up the lip wrinkles
- Ultra fine coloring pigment is uniformly applied to the fine lines between the lips without clumping.


Lipstick amount of 4g!
Sufficient capacity does not change for a long time. The secret to maintaining a moist, smooth texture and a bright color!.  
The overall length of the case is 10 cm, the height is 1.7 cm applicator length is 9 cm, angle is 20 degrees.


#301 : Coral Leaf
#401 : Dazzle Orange
#402 : Red Garnet
#500 : Rose Bey

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