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Aperire Bouncing Root Cream

Elastic energy that builds up from root-deep place.

Absorbs into skin
Elastic layer + water layer + whinening wall
(3 layer adhesion cream)
RootCureplex, a powerful energy store with natural vitality, 58% and ceramide, which tightens and fills the skin tightly and firmly so that weak skin becomes elastic and has vitality.

From the inside! Dense! Clear!
Elasitc water cream containing root nutrition
Lightly adhered to the skin
Moisturizing for a long time

Five roots ingredients that pack into the skin firmly!
Yam- Contains a large amount of phytomucin. It contains a lot of amino acids. It catches moisture and forms a natural protective film, which helps nutrition and skin elasticity.
Lotus Root -  Improves skin elasticity and brightens skin tone.
Taro- A rich botanical mucin component that strengthens skin elasticity and skin barrier. 
Saururus Chinensis Root -  Takes the nature as it is in the clean environment of Jeju and makes shiny skin smooth and firm.

One layer at a time! Root elastic energy!
Improve elasticity, transparency care, skin care, vitality, inner pull enhancement, skin balance improvement, whitening & wrinkle improvement.

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