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Korean Red Ginseng Candy

Korean Red Ginseng Candy

Brand: HongSamIn

About the Product:
✔ Top : #1 Korean Red Ginseng Candy in E-COMMERCE!

✔ Best Ingredient : Use Korea GeumSan Ginseng, where Korea highest quality ginseng are grown.

✔ Popularity : Most Popular Korean Red Ginseng Candy in Korea.

✔ Best Method : Extracted from Korean Red Ginseng by scientific method.

✔ Real Taste : Smooth and Strong taste of Korean Red Ginseng!


Size: 100g (approximately 16 pieces)

Red Ginseng Extract, Sugar, L-Menthol, Starch Syrup, Vanilla Powder, Herb Scent, Red Ginseng Extract Scent

Made in Korea

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