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Aperire Day Glow Soothing Balm

Multi-use pink balm with soft melting texture to immediately moisturize dry skin and give vitality by brightening up the skin tone.

The Real Fact about PINK BALM
Sticky and heavy texture is not the right answer for effective moisturizing.
Oil Type - Having unpleasant texture to use and causing skin problems
Cream Type - Not easy to correct makeup and not effective for moisture looking.

Beezwax of Honeybees - It is natural was ingredient extracted from honey that moisturizes your skin and moistens your rough skin.
Natural Moisturizer Shea Butter -  Botanical butter extracted contains natural vitamins and gives skin elasticity and skin soothing effect.

Moisturized Wall
Inside - Immediate moisture supply and strong moisture lock protection.
Outside - rich in nutrient supply of five super seeds full of moisturizing ingredients to the skin.

Bee's wax - Moisturizing effect
Jojoba seed oil - Strengthening the skin's barrier
Argan Oil - Making strong skin's barrier
Macadamia city oil - Improved skin elasticity 
Shea butter - Soothing effect

Net Weight : 50ml

Suggested Use: Take a finger tip amount of balm and rub against two fingers. Than apply to dry skin area.
Made in Korea

Storage: Store in a cool & dry place and avoid exposure to direct sunlight.


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